The students of the College are governed by the rules and regulations of the University of Delhi as laid down in Ordinance VII of the University Calendar. The students are required to attend all lectures, tutorials/ preceptorials and practicals regularly. As per University rules a student is required to attend not less than two thirds of lectures and practicals, separately, held in the college in each academic year/semester. Students not fulfilling the attendance requirement may be debarred from appearing in the University examination

Students selected/deputed to participate in annual NCC camp or NSS assignments or inter-college/ national/international sports or extra-curricular activities approved by the Principal may be condoned up to a maximum of one third lectures and practicals held.

In case of illness the leave application must be accompanied by a medical certificate and fitness certificate which should be submitted to the college office after getting the signature of the teachers concerned.

Please note that shortage of attendance will not be condoned for attending other courses of study outside the college.

University Examination and Promotions

The University examination schedule and rules of promotions as prescribed by the University of Delhi will be applicable.

Internal Assessment

As per decision of the University of Delhi, 25% of the total marks in each paper will be allotted for the internal assessment as per Ordinance VIII-E of the University Calendar

Payment Of Fee

All students are required to pay the college fee before filling the examination forms. Without payment of the College fee and receipt of the College fee, they will not be allowed to pay the examination fee. Late fee payment will be subject to fine as per college rules. All fee receipts should be preserved for scrutiny and should be produced at the time of filling up the examination forms and refund of caution money.

Notice regarding payment of College/Examination fee will be put up on the notice board.

Identity Card

Every student is issued an identity card by the College. It is mandatory for the students to carry them every day. In case of any kind of indiscipline, the I-card will be confiscated. In case of loss of I-card the students are advised to intimate the college office immediately. Duplicate I-card will be issued on payment of Rs. 100/- Any change of address or phone no. should also be notified by the student.


Students will be governed as per Ordinance XV-B of the University Calendar.

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