Facilities/Resource Centres

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| Library and Reading Room

Library and Reading Room facilities are open only to students and staff of the college. The College Library possesses an excellent collection of books, journals/periodicals. The Library is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. For the purpose of issuing, books are categorized into three sections: General Section, Reserved Section and Reference Section. The library is well equipped with latest technical facilities alongside a developed Braille Section with a software of Brail (Angel: Talking Digital Pocket Daisy Player, E-Book Reader, MP3 Player, Radio cum voice Recorder) for the benefit of reading, writing and listening to provide equal opportunity to differently-abled students.

| Laboratories

The College has well equipped and well managed laboratories for all the Science courses offered, viz. Bio-Chemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology. The Departments of Nutrition & Health Education and Psychology also have separate well equipped labs.

| Computer Labs

The College has well equipped Computer Labs with Pentium machines with the latest configuration. The Labs have connectivity with the Delhi University intranet with access to the internet. The main computer lab has 38 computers and there is an additional computer lab for Commerce and Maths students having 25 computers with an internet facility.

| Psychology Resource Centre

The Psychology Resource Centre (PRC) addresses the psycho-social needs of the students, teachers and non-teaching staff. It enables them to be aware of and effectively manage everyday life issues and stresses which include self-growth and development, handling stress and emotions, relationship issues, academic pressures, constant worry and anxiety. With changing times, human life has become increasingly stressful making it imperative for us to be aware and develop a psychological understanding of themselves and their surroundings. This is achieved by PRC through counseling services, Faculty Development Programs, functions and events that address the mental health and well- being of all stakeholders. The PRC includes: Mental Health Center, Value Education Center, Positive Psychology Centre and Capacity Building Centre .

| Drosophila Resource Centre

The Drosophila Resource Centre was set up in the Department of Biochemistry almost 10 years ago. The centre is funded by DBT Star College Project. It aims to teach the basic principles of genetics using Drosophila as model system. Around 250 students have been trained since its inception. Students from different life science streams such as Botany, Biochemistry, Life Sciences and Zoology from DU and Punjab University have been trained at the centre. A lab manual onB‘Rediscovering Genetics’ was published in 2016. It covers the range of experiments performed by the students at the centre. The students have immensely benefited by this training which is reflected in their selection and perusal of higher education in genetics from prestigious places. The centre also provides stocks and support to many colleges of Delhi University and AIIMS.

| Zebrafish Lab Facility

The zebrafish lab facility in Daulat Ram College was set up in October 2015, jointly by Biochemistry and Zoology Departments in collaboration with CSIR-IGIB, Mathura Road, Delhi, and Sanskriti Foundation Delhi. The facility has been funded by the Star Innovation projects DU, Star College project DBT, Govt. of India, and Innovation projects DU. It was developed with the aim of providing an alternative in vivo non –invasive model systemfor science education, teaching and research. Zebrafish lab facility is a state of the art temperature and photo-period controlled facility, houses automated re-circulatory fish habitat system, RO water plant, stereo-microscopes, inverted microscope with digital display screen (Evos) and fluorescent microscope (Nikon). The facility provides training in zebrafish model system to faculty and students. Till date, around 65 faculty members and 500 students from various science streams from different Delhi University Colleges have participated in various workshops conducted by the zebrafish lab facility. Students join the lab as interns and work on research projects. This opportunity provides students with hands on experience wherein they can explore and discover the nature and process of scientific research using zebrafish model system. Zebrafish lab facility also serves as a resource center to provide zebrafish and embryos to other colleges/ departments and research institutes to support teaching and lab practicals.