Tajagna (Quiz Society)


Tajagna (Quiz Society)

Like the brilliance of a diamond which is cut and shaped to be luminous in all its facets, Tajagnathe Quiz Society of Daulat Ram College is a crucible for young scientists, administrators, and researchers of tomorrow to hone their skills holistically. Comprising students from across the varied disciplines of the college, the Society and its members have been organising and participating in various Intra and Inter College Events even in the Digital mode with activeParticipation across the academic spectrum. Learning never stops, and the digital mode has been particularly conducive to the activities of the society with Inter College National Level and InterCollege quizzes being participated in and conducted avidly.Even during the pandemic, the society conducted its Annual Freshers Quiz ‘Prashnotari’ with active participation from students across the country and many topically focussed Quizzes as onGandhi Jayanti in Collaboration with the Gandhi Circle, Inter Departmental Quizzes like the QFiesta for quiz aficionados within the College. Some of the members won positions in the competitions organized by institutions like IIM, Indore and NIT, Srinagar.The society conducts weekly Quizzes for its members for enhancing knowledge, the focus is equally internal development as well a vision to participate nationally. A socially conscious society, both environment, social welfare (Child Labour) and health (Yoga) have been the key focus areas withQuizzes and Talks being conducted on these avenues. With an active Social Media presence, Tajagna also has a volunteer program for enthusiastic participation of its various members. The vision of the Society is to develop and hone individual abilities to create socially conscious individuals who spread light wherever they go.

Convenor (2023-24): Dr Deepak Naorem

Faculty members:

  • Dr Jyoti Sharma
  • Dr Kusum Lata
  • Dr Santosh Sain
  • Dr Anita Goel
  • Dr Kanika Verma
  • Ms Priyanka Arora

*Tajagna Union 2023-24*

President: Ishita Singh

Vice-President: Sarika

Management heads:

  1. Sneha Rai
  2. Huda Syed

Quizzing heads:

  1. Ishika Pacheriwala
  2. Ayushi Yadav
  3. Anindita Mohanty

Digital heads:

  1. Garima Gurjar
  2. Shreya Prabhakar

PR and sponsorship:

  1. Mehak Chopra
  2. Subhiksha

Research and content:

  1. Vaishnavi Shahi
  2. Fairy Pratibha Singh

Events organised in the academic year (2023-24):

  1. The G-20 Quiz competition (collaboration with Vidya Vistar Scheme, 22-26 September 2023)
  2. Quiz competition on Mahatma Gandhi (collaboration with Gandhi Study Circle, 8th Oct, 2023)
  3. HELM: The Indian Heritage Quiz (Inter-college quiz competition, 30th October, 2023)
  4. Workshop on career in Civil Services (collaboration with VISIONIAS, 3rd November, 2023)