Placement Cell


The Placement Cell of Daulat Ram College has been instrumental in organizing various internship drives aimed at bridging the gap between the corporate world and academics.It is aligned with the National Education Policy 2020 which focuses on providing practical exposure and hands-on experience to the students. These initiatives have provided valuable opportunities for students to gain practical experience and develop their skills in a professional setting. During the latest internship drive, a diverse range of students from different courses registered with the Placement Cell, showcasing the widespread interest and participation among the student body.

The cell successfully collaborated with notable companies such as the AIM group, Agile Capital Services, Zielhoch, Insplore Consultants, Yaadgar Safar, Eigopaathshala, Unschool and others. These companies offered a wide array of impressive profiles, including Content Writer, Finance Intern, Management Trainee, Social Media Management, and many more. The diverse range of profiles catered to the varied interests and skill sets of the students, providing them with a platform to explore their areas of interest and gain hands-on experience.

The efforts of the Placement Cell and the participating companies resulted in 120+ students securing internship offers. In terms of remuneration, the highest stipend offered during the last session was 15k per month. Such competitive stipends motivate the students to excel during their internships and encourage them to actively participate in similar future initiatives. These opportunities have not only provided valuable industry exposure but also contributed to the overall development and readiness of the students for their future careers.