Placement Cell

Seminars/Webinars & Workshops

The Placement Cell has partnered with prestigious institutes and organizations to offer a comprehensive series of seminars, webinars, and workshops that aim to enhance student's career development and practical knowledge. These collaborations include InvestMentor Stocks, T.I.M.E Institute, Vedica Scholars, Triedge, Teach For India, Pearl Academy, Shakthi Fellowship, Yocket, AECC Global, Discover Matrix, IMS Learning Resources, Reserve Bank of India, Indian Army and more.

These sessions provided students with crucial knowledge and skills, including effective CV building, financial literacy, interview preparation, case study analysis, time management, communication proficiency, and mental health awareness. The webinars also shed light on career prospects, gender equality, and international opportunities, broadening students' understanding of diverse career pathways.

The collaborations with reputable institutes and organizations ensured that students received up-to-date information and expert advice in their areas of interest. These initiatives have significantly contributed to the holistic development of students, empowering them for future career endeavors by equipping them with practical skills and knowledge.