North East Cell


Annual Report 2022-2023

The North-East Cell of Daulat Ram College, Purvasha aims to take up initiatives to bring together the students from Northeast India while also educating people around us about the cultural traditions of each of the states. The cell undertook a variety of events in the academic year 2022-2023.


Purvahsa conducted elections for the appointment of students to the student representative bodies. The election was conducted in accordance with the new system that had been established in the previous session. The election was fully online, candidates were allowed to campaign on their respective social media accounts and share their manifestos on messaging apps. The results for the post of President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Cultural Secretary and the Treasurer were declared on 21st September, 2022.

The elected Union added three extended teams namely Content, Creative and Digital Team to help grow the social media handles of the Cell.

Purvasha was invited to take part in the Cinemãstra event that was conducted by the photography and film society of DRC, Magic Lantern and Sepia, as they were adorned in their respective cultural attires. They performed a ramp walk in which the members displayed their traditional clothing and jewelry.


Purvasha conducted their annual series of online competitions under various themes, open for participation to all students of University of Delhi. This series aimed to encourage students to share the legacy of their cultural heritage and transcribe those very legacies to fit into the urbanscape so that it is accessible to a larger category of people.The series included: Painting competition under the theme ‘Fighting Xenophobia’ Article writing competition under the theme ‘Preserving the heritage of NorthEast India Poetry and folk story writing competition under the theme ‘Re-telling of folk stories and folklore’ The winners for this series were judged by Dr. Shyamalima Borgohain and Sir Kaihru L the faculty of the cell. The winners were awarded with digital certificates and would have their works featured in the cell’s annual magazine.


Purvasha’s first webinar of the session was held under the title-“Unsung Freedom Fighters of India’s Northeast: History, Social Memory and Folk Narratives”. The speaker for the webinar was Dr. Pallabi Borah, Asst. Professor of the Dept. of Folklore Research at Guwahati University. The talk opened a new perspective to the sacrifices of the unsung freedom fighters from Northeast India, especially the female freedom fighters and their contribution to India’s struggle for independence as a whole.The talk included several female freedom fighters from NorthEast India who usually went unaccounted for in official accounts. Various faculty members both from and outside the cell, students from Daulat Ram as well as other colleges joined this informative session.


The new academic session marks the new batch of incoming students.The first offline student’s orientation post-covid was held to extend the friendly atmosphere and welcome the new students. The interactive session was also held to help familiarize the students with their seniors as well as the faculty members.

Student’s from the North East Cell participated in the programme organised by NESSDU and our student Esther won Miss Freshers in the programme. A group of students performed Manipuri Dance under the Culture Council of DU held at Miranda House.