Combuzz - The annual newsletter of the Department of Commerce

Cybernetics - The annual newsletter of the Cyber Cell of the College brings forth the creative skills and the knowledge regarding the ever growing virtual world. It also focuses on the issues of the cyber world and their solutions.

Eco Club Dhara- With an aim to spread love for the nature and awareness of environmental conservation, the Eco Club releases an annual newsletter.

Expressions - The annual newsletter of the Department of English

Liana the botanical society magazine gives the student a platform to learn and contribute about interesting and latest events in the field of plant sciences.
Math Punch - It is the annual newsletter of the Department of Mathematics with the tagline - ‘ Measure what can be measured and make measurable what cannot be measured.’

Naissance - The annual newsletter of the Placement Cell with the motto - ‘If one dreams to do it, one can do it & we vow to provide all the aim we can.’

Optima - The Economics association also launches the annual publication ‘Optima’, which is an interesting mosaic of ideas and understanding of various topics of economics, by the students and the faculty members. ...
PsyTrack - It has an active Psychology Association which organizes several academic and co-curricular activities including Conferences and a Departmental magazine "PsyTrack".